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About us

About dongguan shenlan photoelectric technology co., LTD

Dongguan shenlan photoelectric technology co., LTD., founded in 2015, is located in changping national incubation park, dongguan. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of precision optics, LED, optical lens and other products.

Company since its inception, relying on the dongguan good geographical advantage, technology innovation as the driving force, take the customer demand as the guidance, the establishment of a complete product research and development innovation center, manufacturing center and operating center, focus on research and development and promotion of all kinds of optical products, such as: light optical parts, lamp lens, COB track light lens, VR optical lenses, VR glasses and other core products.

Adhering to the professional technology, reliable quality and first-class service, and in China at present, the company product applications, we have hundreds of successful cases, typical on photoelectric have huawei, frequently, the star light electricity, etc., the company will be adhering to the "customer first, innovation drive, teamwork, integrity" spirit of enterprise, in order to "provide customers with continuous valuable services" business philosophy, innovation and independent research and development, with precision optical, LED, optical lens products as the main line, at the same time of optimizing the structure of existing products, reaching out to other emerging applications, and through the resource integration and grafting, looking for a company's new profit growth point,Develop the business pattern of multi-business linkage, and build the company into a large optoelectronic enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing and brand marketing.

Company Honours

  • Benchmarking enterprise

    "Benchmarking enterprise" after the melting of changping young entrepreneur association

  • Contribution to excellence award

    Dongguan changping electronic commerce association won the "outstanding contribution award" by vigor

  • High-tech enterprise certificate

    Won the "high-tech enterprise certificate"

  • Product technical progress excellence award

    The world intelligent mobile terminal industry summit won the "product technology progress excellenc

  • Director of the unit

    Dongguan virtual reality industry alliance won the "governing unit" award


  • 01 Technology starts young

    VR is the direction of the advanced virtual field in the future.VR technology integrates computer graphics technology, computer simulation technology, sensor technology, display technology and other science and technology, it creates a virtual information environment on multi-dimensional information space, enabling users to have immersive sense of immersive, with perfect interaction ability with the environment, and can inspire ideas.

  • 02 Do not forget the original intention, dream forward!

    Development is the first priority, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force.Path innovation drive our businesses, if not, it is impossible to really strong, strong up by innovation, innovative talents, remit of the drainage channels, achieve the great century, deep blue photoelectric the door of success will open to you forever all over the country, here also heartfelt thanks to all the partners, deep blue photoelectric can grow so fast, also cannot leave everyone has been support and encouragement!

  • 03 Read the technical route of intelligent headlamp light source

    As the future direction of automotive lighting development, multi-pixel intelligent headlamp system has broad market prospects, rich technical reserves, and unlimited space for innovation, which is worthy of investment and layout in advance by manufacturers in the industry.